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OMR Scanning Software

OMR Reader Software is very accurate OMR software for evaluating objective based offline OMR test & exams. It is used in daily test or final exam, taking feedback of students & teacher and Olympiad exams etc. Developed by a team of highly qualified MCA - M. Tech. & experienced, it is loaded with exclusive features like tick mark technology, analytical or graphical reports and user authentication and login module.

Modules of OMR Scanning Software

1. Question Bank (Test Paper Generator) 2. OMR Sheet Reader 3. Result Analysis 4. SMS Intimation

Download Following types of reports

We have designed 20+ types of reports that is following

Test Reports
Detailed Report
Rank Report
Grade Report
Attempted Test Time Report
Pass-Fail Report
Topper Report
Test Report with Subjects

Student Reports
Graphical Student Performance Report
Student Test Report with Subjects
Student Report with Subject, Unit & Topics Percentage Report
Student All Attempted Graphical Test Report
Student All Attempted Test Report
Student Participated Test Report

Performance Percentage Reports
Test Performance Report
Test Report - Subject Wise Percentage
Test Report - Unit Wise Percentage
Test Report - Topics Wise Percentage

Question Wise Reports
Question Percentage Report
Question Wise Student Report