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The simplest way of Question & Test Paper management

Expro is unique software that used to overcome problems faced by the institutions for creating Question Paper in conducting Yearly, Half Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and daily based tests. We can store questions in Expro QB software in tree structured format like Subject, Unit, Topic, Question Type, Importance Level, Difficulty Level Source, Pattern, Category & Sub Category wise. This software is designed in a way to keep the records in a standard hierarchy Format. The software is based on Windows GUI (Graphical User Interface) which makes it easier to understand. It is developed understanding the needs of the different - 2 types of Institutional customers, who do not want to spend time and extra man power in managing questions and creating Question Paper.

Question Entry (Same questions in two languages at a time)

The Question Entry comprises of the questions, the 6 options, and one or more correct answer. You can even add an image to a question or to the six options. Image or mathematical equations attached to the question is not saved on the hard disk instead it is saved in the database. The Question Entry is able to manage unlimited questions in a subject, unit & topics depending upon your system's storage capacity. You can edit or delete questions any time. Fonts, Line Offset, Superscript, Subscript, Symbols facility is readily available. Following types of question can be entered in the software.
1. Single Choice
2. Multiple Choice
3. True/False
4. Psyco Type
5. Typing Test

Import Questions from MS-Excel & MS-Word

In this software there is a great facility to import the questions from MS-Excel & MS-Word.

Question Paper Generation

We have two type options for question paper generation
1. Auto Selection – We can select random questions via given quantity as per given parameters within few second.
2. Mannual Selection –In this option we can select particular questions as per given parameters within few minutes
Both options can use for make a question paper.

Student Test Panel

Our Student Test Panel is exact same as original exam like SSC, Banking, Railway etc. Also student account is designed in simple form.


Download Following types of reports

We have designed 20+ types of reports that is following

Test Reports
Detailed Report
Rank Report
Grade Report
Attempted Test Time Report
Pass-Fail Report
Topper Report
Test Report with Subjects

Student Reports
Graphical Student Performance Report
Student Test Report with Subjects
Student Report with Subject, Unit & Topics Percentage Report
Student All Attempted Graphical Test Report
Student All Attempted Test Report
Student Participated Test Report

Performance Percentage Reports
Test Performance Report
Test Report - Subject Wise Percentage
Test Report - Unit Wise Percentage
Test Report - Topics Wise Percentage

Question Wise Reports
Question Percentage Report
Question Wise Student Report

SMS sending of Result

Expro all result sending via SMS on student / parents mobiles as per given templates. SMS provider to be anyone.